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SpringerParker, A Momentary Lapse, interactive installation (2011)

April 29  - May 1, 2011
A MOMENTARY LAPSE von SpringerParker

When Jaques Louis Mandé Daguerre took a photo of the very crowded Boulevard du Temple in 1839, the only visible person in the developed image was a man having his boots brushed (and parts of the shoeshine boy). Due to the exposure time of several minutes, the only visibile objects in the picture were the ones that did not move.

In “A Momentary Lapse”, the participent becomes an actor and an observer of his own portrait and creates an audiovisiual sculpture. If he is patient, a portrait will be created with a specific soundscape according to his position, if he starts to move both will fade. While every moment has its past and future, and could be described as a state of transition, “A Momentary Lapse” is chrono videography, defining its own time and space.