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Gabrielle Strijewski, EQUAL SIZE 1, Ilfochrome Classic/Artsec, 170 x 120 cm (1998)
Gabrielle Strijewski
Projekt 1: »EQUAL SIZE« / Projekt 2: »Die unsichtbaren Städte«

October 27  - November 26, 2010
Exhibition as part of the 4th European Month of Photography Berlin

A similar intervention into reality is present in the pictures of the series DIE UNSICHTBAREN STÄDTE (Invisible Cities). This project takes up an artistically visionary engagement with city and architecture. Gabrielle Strijewski photographically alters the available architecture of various cities by exchanging, replacing, reversing and layering things on top of each other - on a single picture. Image by image, a city is approached that does not exist, yet remains conceivable.

Gabrielle Strijewski studied painting and graphic design at the Universities of Applied Arts of Hannover and Cologne. After this, she worked as a photographer. Her works have been exhibited internationally in galleries and museums: amongst others in Paris, Angers, Palermo, Tokyo, Barcelona, Hamburg and Frankfurt.
Gabrielle Strijewski lives in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.