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Conny Bosch, Utopia #10, acrylic lamination, 52 x 70 cm (2008)
Conny Bosch
Wie es wirklich war

September 16  - November 27, 2009
As a central work, the Salon is showing the collage installation Wie es wirklich war (How it really was). The artist has been changing to an analysis of her own biographical perspective and has, so doing discovered a new aspect: an analysis, you could say, of that that is remembered. Every day objects and after-images of memory are illustrated. They are arranged in non-linear ‘associative flashes’ upon the wall. Opposite them is the series of photomontages Utopia that the artist developed during a studio stipend at the Academy of Arts in Berlin in 2007. In these, Conny Bosch condenses her visual world through the doubled projection of transparent picture fragments out of the 60s and 70s GDR, together with mysterious underwater worlds. The artist consciously draws again on the pictures of a biographical memory that she contextualises as new. Doing this, she shows memory what it really is: a subjective current reconstruction of past experiences that further develops itself in tandem with personal development.

Conny Bosch (*1968 in Halle/Saale, D) studied art from 1992 – 1999 at the Kassel School of Art and took master schooling by Dorothee von Windheim. The artist has received diverse stipends and grant awards. Since 2006, she has been resident and working in Berlin. The work UTOPIA came into being during the studio stipend of the Academy of Arts.