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Robert Schleder, aus/from: Stadt 1.0, photograph, 21 x 30 cm (2009)
Robert Schleder
Stadt 1.0

July 15  - September 4, 2009
Robert Schleder photographs cities like he does because he knows them – he grew up in one. His photographs in Stadt1.0 (City1.0) could be said to be anthropological universal visions of liminal urban spaces. These empty spaces are apparently lacking in any clear qualities and distinguishing characteristics. The residents appear to be resident above all by dint of their numerous trails they leave behind.
If the photographs are empty of people, occasional hints of the existence of humankind and human shapes appear in his drawings. These drawings could be seen as reflections of the images captured in the photographs. They are visible above all in their relationship to their overwhelming environment. In this sense, the figures in Schleder’s drawings are, as it were, trapped in action charts. It all goes some way to explaining what those puzzling empty spaces can be used for in the unwelcoming environment of the big city.

Robert Schleder was born in 1980 in Strausberg. After his study of photography at the Ostkreuzschule, Berlin, he has been a student since 2007 at the College of Graphic and Book Art in Leipzig.