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SpringerParker, aus/from: On Broadway, photograph, dimensions variable (2008)
On Broadway / The Outsider's Awareness

February 4  - 13, 2009
On Broadway shows a section of a traffic island situated directly at the iconic world landmark Times Square. It stands in the middle of Broadway and functions as a passage from one side of the road to the other. It is also one of New York’s tourist attractions, and visitors stand here on this »stage« to take their indispensable photos immortalizing themselves with the city skyline and the billboards of Times Square. The raw material the artists use comes from a live camera that is freely accessible on the internet. It sends live images from Broadway 24/7 from a »bird of prey« perspective. Software developed by the artists accesses this signal and then combines the incoming images in a special way. Over time only static and barely moving objects are manifest in the composition of the picture. SpringerParker transform the image sequences of this place in a poetic way. From a large number of single images, stories emerge and crystallize: what looks like a kiss, a prayer, a picture for eternity, and again and again the silence of the city in permanent motion. As in painting, in which time is absolute and only the artist decides about the form of his representation based on his perception, in the On Broadway series it is not reality that provides the pictures.

SpringerParker (*1972 Oldenburg/Holstein and *1971 Cuxhaven, D) work in the tradition of Expanded Cinema / Live Cinema. Their vision of live generated images always takes its starting point in the concrete image - in its abstract manifestation. In their compositions of sound and moving images, they focus on aspects of collective perceptions and memories. The cooperation of the two media artists began in 1993.