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Katrin Bertram, 19.03.2008 - Partitur eines Arbeitstages, Score/Audio-CD (2008-2010)
Katrin Bertram
Wie ich lernte, dass es keine Probleme, sondern nur Herausforderungen gibt.

May 27  - June 18, 2010
The conceptual artist Katrin Bertram moves in two worlds - the free economy and the liberal arts. She incorporates the material from one world into the other by breaking down personal experiences and transforming them into a different context, a sensual experience in the other world. She distils details from discomforting and rational aesthetics of the modern working world and makes them perceptible for the beholder.

The encyclopaedia definition of labour »Conscious, target-oriented human action for the purpose of securing survival«, printed on a piece of paper, crumbled and scantily straightened back - a note reminding of an investigation request that a detective might have been given to start his search: »That's all I have. Please find the meaning of my life.«

Exclusively for the exhibition at Petra Rietz Salon, Katrin Bertram has developed a piece of work from the year 2008 further. The actions of a prototypical working day in modern business were meticulously recorded in an Excel spreadsheet and later transformed into a musical score for piano, violoncello, violin and vocals. It is this musical score which is performed during the opening evening and forms core of the exhibition. The audio is preserved for later consultation by visitors.


Born in Hanover, Germany in 1979, Katrin Bertram has been studying at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich (ADBK) since 2008, in the class of Stephan Huber. Before this she was a visiting student at the University of Arts Berlin (UdK), in the class of Katharina Sieverding. In 2002 she earned a university degree in International Business at a London Business School and then worked for several years in large corporations in Switzerland and Germany.