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SpringerParker, aus der Serie/from the series 'Permafrost': 71°6‘47“ N / 25°49‘48“ E, photograph, 95 x 54 cm framed (2008)

January 20  - March 10, 2010
»MEMORIA Norway« is an expedition into an Arctic landscape and an audiovisual performance tour. It is an artistic reflection and transformation of acoustic and visual impressions and memories. SpringerParker’s focus lies on the impact of climate change on North Norway and the resulting consequences on society. During the explorations, SpringerParker will observe and investigate the landscape of the Finnmark in North Norway. They will record their impressions in the form of frottages, photography, and sounds capes, which will form the basis for live performances, exhibitions and publications. At their third exhibition at Petra Rietz Salon SpringerParker show parts of their archive, photo series and a video from the material they collected on their expeditions.
„We collected water samples in climate-induced melting permafrost regions. We re-froze the water to ice-plates to do the Permafrost series. For the Florae series we created a state-of-the-moment archive of photos of flowers in different regions which later were collaged on our custom-built MEMORIA table.“ (SpringerParker)

SpringerParker (*1972 Oldenburg/Holstein and *1971 Cuxhaven, D) work in the tradition of Expanded Cinema / Live Cinema. Their vision of live generated images always takes its starting point in the concrete image - in its abstract manifestation. In their compositions of sound and moving images, they focus on aspects of collective perceptions and memories. The cooperation of the two media artists began in 1993.