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Eva Schwab, Eva Maria, wax on paper (2010)
Eva Schwab
Prospector´s Bible

March 31  - May 12, 2010
Eva Schwab’s father was a gold-digger for some time. The `Prospector’s Bible´ originates from that era. In a sense, the artist is a digger too, – not a gold-digger though, but rather one who digs in the past for the values of reminiscence. Using own and other photo albums as a basis, she merges these memories to a universal family chronicle.

Through the scrutinizing of stereotypical private photo album scenes, the artist calls up images and memories that she translates, expands and dissects onto paper and canvas. On the occasion of the 15th Salon, Eva Schwab gives insight into her `bibles´ for the first time. The artist raises questions about the reality content of memories in general and of photographs in particular. The usage of wax in painting is to ensure the translucence of different layers interfering with each other. Thus, Eva Schwab mines new images making an attempt to shape the past for the present.

Eva Schwab (* 1966 Frankfurt/M.) lives and works in Frankfurt. She studied painting with Prof. Markus Lüpertz at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Since nearly ten years she questions and transforms the own family-history with her pictorial creations.